Infuse Technology To Improve Your Restaurant Ratings

Owners who believe in traditional dine-in and takeaways are reluctant to automate the workflow with online food ordering in Pakistan. It is assumed to be time-consuming and complex to adopt, but it isn’t.

They either give up or outsource this task entirely. The system becomes rigid or expensive. Other alternatives lack too many features or are less dependable. However, we know that the covid era has influenced every industry to turn digital. Digitalizing, whether related to online check-ups, online shopping, or online dining, is the new normal, and there is no going back.

We decided to ask restaurant owners like you what they needed by conversing with them. How does the mechanism for ordering food online benefit users?

Here are some unavoidable benefits of online food ordering systems

It should not reduce the profitability of the restaurant; it should be simple to set up by non-technical individuals who prepare delicious meals rather than by software programs;

Low upkeep is most important, and it should benefit business owners and food enthusiasts by encouraging the latter to return soon. 

How does the method for ordering food online work?

• Ordering food within a limited period without any interference.

One of the most beneficial characteristics of technology and the online software is that they are highly determinant and focused on workflow. The quick and responsive efficiency makes the task less monotonous for the workers using this software.

• Providing more convenience and choices to the customers.

These online food ordering systems have proved extraordinarily user-friendly and efficient for restaurant workflows. Your starving customers get ample choices to make at their fingertips, making the experience worthy. Ordering multiple dishes at once on their doorsteps improves the brand identity and helps retain existing customers.

Hospitality has improved a lot, and many working women find it most convenient to prepare large quantities for feasting with family. Understand

• An automated order and billing system.

This is the most efficient point about getting an online ordering system or any online software that securely saves data and can be retrieved. This also helps cut down time wastage, encouraging the workers to distribute their time in other crucial tasks.

What is Eatachi?

We do it by online ordering, supporting your restaurant’s brand, our knowledge of the restaurant and hotel industry, and our understanding of the problems and needs of restaurant owners.

Eatachi brings an extensive online ordering system for restaurants available in a subscription model. Eatachi is the finest choice for laying the groundwork for your order. The software offers you a variety of options for managing your business. In Pakistan, Eatachi has become a leading provider of restaurant online ordering systems and point of sale systems.

We support the restaurant’s brand by building order websites for restaurants which are essential tools for online marketing. Our system offers definite marketing tools like email campaigns, SMS, marketing automation, promotions, and discount coupons that support the marketing activities of the restaurant.

Why Have Eatachi As Your Online Ordering System & Point of Sale System

  1. Moreover, A customer orders meals from your business via your website or Facebook page.
  2. Using the free order-taking app we offer, the order is immediately pushed to your smartphone or tablet so that you can review it.
  3. The process is quick and efficient because you choose the pickup/delivery time, and your response is pushed immediately.
  4. After you start cooking, you may check the order-taking app to see any pending or completed orders.
  5. The best feature is that it can be made exactly how you want it to be and how the business employing it wants it to.

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