Food Is Therapy! Make Your Customers Believe In This With An Efficient Online Sales System

Well, we do. During a hectic day at the office, need to treat yourself for so much hard work? Order something sweet, or are you more interested in getting an oozing hot and fresh pizza delivered to your workplace? Then Eatachi is the right spot for you! Eatachi enables you to explore some of the best restaurants near you to help make your daily office lunchtime more exciting by having you drive to the restaurant. Don’t move and just chill on the couch – let us lessen your burden.

How do we do it?

By online ordering, we are supporting your restaurant’s brand, our knowledge of the restaurant and hotel industry, and our understanding of the problems and needs of restaurant owners. Eatachi brings an extensive online ordering system for restaurants in a subscription model.  Furthermore, we value your business like ours.

We support the restaurant’s brand by building order websites for restaurants which are essential tools for online marketing. Our system offers definite marketing tools like email campaigns, SMS, marketing automation, promotions, and discount coupons that support the marketing activities of the restaurant.

Innovative technology – Key to growth with Online Sales System

Being flexible with change and adapting to the latest innovations has resulted in total benefit for various businesses. When we talk about dining businesses, the first thing that comes to mind is delivering it and providing services that can help retain customers.

Eatachi Online sale system and how it improves your brand identity- Find out now!

Thousands of people start up their food businesses but fail to provide accurate delivery service, threatening the company. To improve the quality of your services, Eatachi is all set to help you obtain the business objectives you have been aiming for. 

Eatachi’s online sale system helps to provide smooth delivery in the given time that satisfies your customers and profits with concreting the business’s existence in the long term. We understand how important it is to facilitate customers that approach online. 

Get to know more…

Eatachi’s online sale system enables you to maximize hospitality. Having guests is fun, and ordering online with them is exciting. Group study breaks and thanksgiving dinners at home are becoming more convenient. You get enough time to hunt for your meal. 

Point of sale system for fast food ventures and its growing demand:

Since we have been observing that the trend of fast food has risen in recent years, this has resulted in increased demand for online ordering systems and competition. Every food business is looking forward to improving technology, for which they are changing to more digitalized processes. 

Why do you need a (POS) point of sale system for restaurants -The pros and cons.

This reduces manual load and helps in retrieving the data of customers. This helps to improve your customer reach and retain them. The software will do your job without hassle. 

Having a point of sale for your business will also help cut down time wastage and improve quality and productivity. These online systems from Eatachi will get you more profitability and reliability.

Frankly, there’s no con.

Our Values

  • Trust: Maintaining the relationship with our customers is what we value the most. Getting feedback, staying connected, and confirming their orders make them trust Eatachi.
  • Integrity: We have that quality of being transparent with our customers and have strong moral principles.
  • Latest Solution: We believe that being more upgraded by using such innovative solutions helps the dining business or any stream of business to boost their sales.
  • Efficiency: You would go for more time and resource-consuming techniques when you can utilize the assets most efficiently. Efficiency is the key to quality.

So what are you waiting for? 

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